Polymer lithium ion battery 3.7 V, 3085100 CE FCC ROHS MSDS quality certification

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The company is committed to the production of all batteries are brand new A grade, full capacity, low internal resistance, there is a lot of B products now on the market, the low-capacity battery acts as a high-capacity batteries for sale, pro Please pay attention.
Our priority shipments sprayed yards battery, no spray inventory codes, the default shipping is not Coding, Coding Coding did not affect the quality.
2800mAh 3.7V lithium polymer battery with protection board safer
Model: 3085100
Product Dimensions: Thickness Width Length 2.9x85x100mm
Batteries Capacity: 2800mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Charging current: Standard charge: 0.2C; Fast Charge: 0.5C
Standard charging method: 0.2C CC (constant current) charge to 4.25V, then CV (constant voltage 4.2V) charge till charge current 0.05C
Maximum charge current: 0.5C
Continuous discharge current: 0.5C
Maximum discharge current: 1C
Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.75V
Discharge temperature: -20 Celsius ~ +60 Celsius
Charging time: 12hrs (standard); 3hrs (fast)
Charge and discharge times: more than 500 times
Self-discharge: less than 400uA
Protection board parameters
Current: 1.5A
Limiting protection: 2 ~ 3A
Overcharge limit pressure: 4.2 + /-0.05V
Over-discharge pressure limit: 2.9 + /-0.10V
* Due to the over-discharge protection board limit pressure, measured capacity is slightly lower than the nominal capacity of the batteries.
Other technical parameters of the product specifications shall prevail.
Battery with protection board, to prevent over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit and other functions.
This product is mainly used in Bluetooth headsets, smart watches, watches, mobile phones, Tablet PC (MID), PDA, mobile backup power, MP3, MP4, mobile speakers, Bluetooth speakers, amplifiers, navigation systems (GPS), tachograph, mobile phones, toys and other electronic devices.
More models, size and capacity, welcome customized (MOQ and other details, please contact customer service).
To ensure that the battery capacity to maintain the level recommended batteries and battery packs at -20 ~ 35 Celsius, low humidity, no corrosive gas storage conditions
Avoid storing batteries at high temperatures or high humidity, otherwise it will lead to battery leakage, rust, and lower capacity.
may lead to long-term storage batteries and battery capacity decreases, and requires 1-3 charge / discharge cycles in order to achieve maximum discharge capacity.
Three months after placing the battery needs charging and discharging cycle time.
Do not allow reverse charging, the battery should be connected by polar accurate, can not reverse.
Do not allow short circuit, otherwise it will cause permanent damage.
The battery can not use under extreme conditions, such as: extreme temperature, deep cycling, extreme overcharge and over discharge.
Keep batteries stored in a cool dry place, if a large number of battery storage or shipping batteries must first discharged.
Do not solder directly to the battery.
If the battery has noise, heat, leakage and other anomalies, please stop using it immediately.
Do not fire or attempt to open the battery may burn or harmful substances.
Do not allow the old battery or use half of the batteries with new batteries together, or will cause over-discharge.
Do not cut the shell and remove the battery outer tube.
Do not allow the battery into the water.
The battery should be charged before use good power.
Charging Method according to our technical specifications.
Use the appropriate charger.
The battery should avoid the use of sealed, should provide appropriate ventilation, otherwise the battery may produce hydrogen in the presence of an ignition source situation will cause an explosion.
Do not attempt to separate or bear squeeze and collision battery pack could cause the battery to generate heat, flaming, alkaline electrolyte spill will damage the skin and eyes will corrode clothing.
The battery should be away from the kids, if they are swallowed, contact your doctor immediately required treatment.
When the battery is not in use, should be removed from the device.
When using a new battery for the first time after long-term storage or use, fully charged before use.
When the battery is hot, do not touch until it cools down.
When the battery is found to decrease energy use should turn off the device, in order to avoid over-discharge.
When you pull out the battery pack, battery terminals should hold the line and not holding.
After the battery if the battery is hot, before charging again to be put in the ventilation without direct sunlight cool.
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Model Number 2985100Type Standard BatteryPackage NoRechargeable YesUse Video Game PlayerBrand Name Liter energy batteryis_customized Yes

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