12.2N.M 4.2A 8 wires 86mm NEMA34 Closed Loop Stepper Motor With Driver And 3M Cables for CNC Mill JK86HS155-4208

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NEMA34 Closed loop stepper motor with driver and 3M cables / 12.5N.m closed loop stepper motor
Product Descroption:
The Hybrid Servo Drive offers an alternative for applications requiring high performance and high reliability when the servo was the only choice, while it remains cost-effective.
NEMA 34 Hybrid Servo kit (closed-loop stepper system):
one Hybrid Servo Driver HBS86 one NEMA34 JK86-4N-1000 Hybrid Servo Motor with one Encoder 1000 line, one 3 meter cable
A: HBS86, 3-phase Hybrid Servo Drive for NEMA34 Hybrid Servo Motor
Features: Closed-loop, eliminates loss of synchronization Broader operating range – higher torque and higher speed Reduced motor heating and more efficient Smooth motion and super-low motor noise Do not need a high torque margin No Tuning and always stable Fast response, no delay and almost no settle time High torque at starting and low speed, high stiffness at standstill Lower cost 24-70V, 8.2A Peak, No Tuning, Nulls loss of Synchronization
Electrical Specifications (T j = 25 o C/77 o F)
The HBS57 has three connectors, connector for control signals connections, connector for encoder feedback and connector for power and motor connections.
B: NEMA34Hybrid Servo Motor, JK86-4N-1000,
Rated Torque 555oz-in, 2 N-m, with one Encoder 1000 line
C: 3 meter cable or long
Parameter table:
Above only for representative products, products of special request can
be made according to the customer request.
driver :
2-phase Hybrid Stepper Servo Driver HSS 86
1. Instruction
1.1 Overview
HSS86 is 2 phase nema 34 series hybrid stepper servo driver. It adopts new generation 32 bit DSP and vector control technology, which can avoid the stepper motor losing steps and ensure the accuracy of the motor. The torque reducing is much lower than open loop stepper motor when it is at higher speed. The high speed performance and torque are enhanced in a great extent. Meanwhile the current control is based on the load, that can reduce the motor temperature rising effectively, then can extend the using life of the motor. The build-in place in position and alarm output signal can help the upper monitor to monitor and control. The function of position ultra difference alarm can ensure the machine work safely. The closed loop system is an ideal improvement and a good replacement of open loop system, Besides that, it also have some function of AC servo motors, but price is just half of AC servo.
1.2 Features
1.2.1 Stepper motor closed loop system, never lose step.
1.2.2 Improve motor output torque and working speed.
1.2.3 Automatic current adjustment based on load, lower temperature rising.
1.2.4 Suitable for all mechanical load conditions (include low rigidity belt pulley and wheel), no need to adjust gain parameter.
1.2.5 Motor work smoothly and low vibration, high dynamic performance at acceleration and deceleration.
1.2.6 No vibration from high speed to zero speed
1.2.7 Drive nema 34 series 4N.m, 8N.m, 12N.m closed loop stepper motor.
1.2.8 Pulses response frequency can reach 200KHZ
1.2.9 16 kinds microsteps choice, highest 51200microsteps/rev.
1.2.10 Voltage range: AC24~ 80 V or DC30V~1 10 V
1.2.11 Over-current, over-voltage and position ultra difference protection function.
1.3 Applications
Closed loop stepper system can be applied to all kinds small automatic equipment and
Instrument s, s uch as engraving machine, special industrial sewing machine, stripping machine, marking machine, Dispensing machine , cutting machine, laser phototypesetting, graph plotter, NC machine, automatic , assembly equipment and so on.
3. 7 . Wires for Encoder
Standard wire length for encoder is 3 meters. ( Wire length can be customized.)

Holding Torque 12.2N.MType HybridPhase 2Current / Phase 4.2ACertification ISO9001Step Angle(degrees) 1.8degreeModel Number JK86HS155-4208Item Name Closed loop stepper motor with driverColor BlackCables 3MMotor Length 155MMResistance /Phase 1.25ΩInductance /Phase 8mHNo. of Leads 8 Motor Size 86*86mmDetent Torque 3.6Kg.cmRotor Inertia 4000g.cm

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